Essex County FA Fair Play Awards

Congratulations to Great Danes Under 9’s Tigers for achieving first place in the ECFA Fair Play Awards in the Youth, Boys Non-Competitive competition.  The League nominated the team after a recommendation from Stones Athletic.

From the opposition Manager, Stones Athletic:

Just want to publically acknowledge Paul’s superbly sporting behaviour for our fixture on Sunday.  Due to absences, I was short of players I only had 6 players available. Paul would have been well within his rights to insist on playing 7 v 6 but not only did he chose not to do that, he lent me one of his own players (who then went and scored twice against his own team in a thrilling 6-6 draw!). A great example of why the BCFA is spot on in terms of putting player development, enjoyment and competitiveness first and results/winning second.